Tao of Money

Seattle unMoney Convergence: April 14th-16th, 2008

I am in the middle of co-organizing an unconference (meaning it is organized by YOU) on money and credit systems to take place right after the Green Festival in Seattle, WA. The conference will bring together a broad range of cutting edge social-entrepreneurs, system changers, economists, philanthropists, academics and business people, to build collaboration regarding the true role and nature of money, its place in the grand scheme of things and how we can transform the system to build a more just, sustainable, and creative world.I am happy to announce that Hazel Henderson has agreed to give our keynote presentation.The conference is cosponsored by:

On the face of it money is a tool for measuring value. In today‚Äôs world it is ubiquitous throughout the entire world, in influencing the way people relate and work with one another. But money seems to be failing us on a number of fronts. The things most vital for the sustenance of life aren’t measured by money because they simply have no quantifiable value, and so they get left out (discounted). How do we turn this around? And furthermore, how do we optimize our “value measuring” systems to be accountable to the real wealth that is created and to the well being of all instead of making real wealth and real relationships beholden to the measure.The conference will be looking at these critical philosophical questions and the obscure world of monetary systems change: complementary currencies, micro credit, slow money and new ways of accounting and book keeping that maximize the amount of wealth creation, flow, collaboration and innovation to occur within and without business and non-profit organizations while accounting for the health of the environment and society. It will be exploring mysterious overlap between spirituality and money. There will be special talks on synergy between the technological space around mutual credit creation, value measurement and wealth acknowledgment. If you are a veteran or simply interested in learning more or getting involved, this conference is for you.I don’t know what will become of this gathering. My hope is that it will be a continuation of an emerging movement to penetrate into the Gordian Knot that is our monetary system. The last conference that I organized under the Schumacher Society I know was a life changing event for many of the people because it invoked in peope the sheer magnitude of this this issue. I expect that this upcoming conference in Seattle will be an appropriate follow up gathering for those who were present and for those who missed the conference at Bard College.For more information email unmoneyconvergence (at) gmail (dot) com